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For the third year in a row, business owners polled by Thumbtack.comflunked San Diego for its friendliness to small businesses.

The third annual survey, conducted by professional listing service Thumbtack and the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and released Monday, showed that owners of small firms rated the San Diego area the worst, or close to it, in nine out of 11 categories.

More than 12,000 entrepreneurs from 82 metro regions participated in the survey, 212 of them from San Diego. Those business owners ranked San Diego at the bottom with six other cities including Buffalo, N.Y. and Sacramento. California tied with Illinois and Rhode Island for unfriendliest state. The state received an F for its environmental regulations.

More at… http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2014/aug/04/san-diego-f-small-business-thumbtack-poll/

When is the best time to claim Social Security?

Faced with cracked nest eggs and shrinking pensions, baby boomers on the brink of retirement are turning to a growing number of free online programs that aim to help them squeeze the maximum from their Social Security benefits. But before implementing the programs’ recommendations, it’s important to verify the results with a financial adviser or service with expertise in Social Security.

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No one ever said being an entrepreneur would be easy. A million obstacles seem to stand in the way each and every day. The naysayers and budget woes can be enough for the average person to start waving the white flag.

But you are not an average person: You’re an entrepreneur. That means that even when times are tough, you’re still going to march forward.

Yet when this whole entrepreneur thing becomes overwhelming, take a break and look for some much needed motivation. And what better way to find inspiration than watching movies?

Whether it’s a heartwarming adventure, irreverent comedy or thought-provoking documentary, a film can inspire and motivate a weary business owner.

With that in mind, here are 10 movies that every entrepreneur needs to watch:

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Browsers have evolved far beyond their original mission of providing one-way windows into the world wide webosphere. Indeed, as more services migrate to the cloud, browsers only reinforce their new role as multi-function boxes of digital magic.

All the important Internet things are available in browser form—everything fromcommunication tools to productivity suites to disposable escapist entertainment. It’s almost like the browser has become an OS in and of itself. In fact, you could say that’s exactly where things are headed.

While there is plenty of debate out there as to which browser is best, for my money it’s the sleek, minimalist package known as Google Chrome. And the data shows that most users agree: According to the latest numbers from W3Schools, 58.4 percent of people are using Chrome, more than double the next highest, Firefox (25 percent), with IE (9.4 percent) and Safari (4 percent) trailing far behind.

More at… http://www.pcmag.com/slideshow/story/323996/19-hidden-chrome-features-that-will-make-your-life-easier


What is Mortgage Insurance?

Let’s start by explaining what Mortgage Insurance Premiums are and why they exist.

Mortgage insurance is an insurance policy that protects the lender if you default on your mortgage. This insurance policy is required if you take out a loan that exceeds 80% of the appraised value of your home at the time of the financing.

Like most insurance products, the chances of you defaulting on your mortgage are extremely low, and it certainly would only happen in the most extreme, financially challenging situations.

The real problem comes from the fact that you, the homeowner, have this insurance policy forced on you by the lender (or they will not lend) AND they force you to pay the monthly premiums!

More at…http://www.findmywayhome.com/home-mortgage-news/3-ways-to-eliminate-fha-mortgage-insurance-with-less-than-20-equity/

The North San Diego SBDC is dedicated to increasing the economic vitality of the community by helping small businesses and entrepreneurs build a foundation for SUCCESS!

Through our low cost / no cost workshops and professional consulting services, the North San Diego SBDC has helped over 300 small businesses get started.

If you are interested in starting your own small business, know someone who is, or would like to learn new skills; our Start Up Series is a must!


Tech columnist David Pogue shares 10 simple, clever tips for computer, web, smartphone and camera users. And yes, you may know a few of these already — but there’s probably at least one you don’t.

Watch at http://www.ted.com/talks/david_pogue_10_top_time_saving_tech_tips

Lone Flag is a man-centric boutique designed to outfit a guy who’s outgrown his Billabong shorts and graphic T-shirts. He’s turned 30, and feels ready for his more updated look — classically rugged with upscale boots, raw-denim pants, and a well-fitting shirt.

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 — Treasure hunters don’t have to go far to indulge their dreams of a lavish strike. A commercial gem mine in North County opens its doors a few days a week to folks ready to pay $60 per person to spend hours sifting through rock and sand for bits of precious stone.

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Using IRA funds to invest in real estate can be a very good idea. Well, at least I know one person for whom it worked out. It did not, however, work out very well for Guy Dabney, who recently represented himself in Tax Court. Every once in a while, people will ask me questions about what their qualified plans or IRAs or 1031 intermediaries can or cannot do. Although I will often look into it, I always caution them that it does not really matter what I think, regardless of how thorough my research. What is important is how the custodian reads the rules and chooses to enforce them. Unless you are in a position to get a different custodian, it does not matter whether they are being too strict, you are stuck with their rules.

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